Ad Management
RadioP1 offers a sophisticated, yet easy to use Ad Management package that integrates all of your campaigns across each of your websites. Stations can automate audio and video ad insertion pre, post and mid broadcast for maximum exposure. Broadcasts can be sponsored with one or more rotating text ads which can be linked to any advertiser web page. All ads and click-throughs are tracked so your sales staff can provide statistical analysis of ad effectiveness and value. Best of all, unlike rev-share models, the RadioP1 Ad Management program lets stations keep all of the advertising revenue.

Multimedia - The Internet provides unique opportunities for multimedia content which can grab an audience’s attention in unique and exciting ways. RadioP1 supports multimedia (audio and video) pre-roll, replacement and post-roll ad insertion technologies in our media center. Station websites can also integrate audio and video promos or ads. In addition, both the media center and station websites can integrate the same graphical overlay and banner ads. As you would expect, it is all easily configurable in the Ad Management portal.

RadioP1 Portal has complete station setup and management functions along with sophisticated program scheduling and editing. Broadcasters can provide a network of value added services, connecting listeners with businesses via automated multimedia ad insertion and program sponsorships.

Statistical Reporting is available for Ad play and usage reporting, so you can track listener volumes, retention, and quantify all of your Internet broadcasting statistics.

RadioP1 facilitates integrated multimedia ad campaigns across all station web and media sites

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