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Let’s face it, Internet radio is not just about the music anymore. After all, Internet listeners have access to a myriad of free music sites. They can create custom playlists and listen on a variety of electronic devices.

Sure, you can stream all of your content 24x7 - no problem. But, what the next generation of Internet radio listeners really want, is the unique content stations can provide – both Live and On-Demand. That’s why we created RadioP1. We make it easy for Internet radio stations to selectively deliver Live and On-Demand programming 24x7.

  Fully-Automated Selective Streaming
  Live Streams & On-Demand Programs
  No Hardware or Software to Buy
  Multi-media Ad Management Package
  Searchable Programs
  Live Updates, Text Alerts, Podcasts and more…
  Comprehensive Usage Reports
  Sophisticated Station Management Portal

Traditional Internet stations can stream all day, but if the listeners aren’t tuned in, they won’t hear it. RadioP1 automatically delivers your programming in studio-quality audio and rich multi-media, regardless of when it was aired. It’s Internet radio re-born!

Automation Scheduler

RadioP1 Media Center allows listeners to select from live streams, on-demand (pre-recorded) programs, podcasts or simply browse upcoming shows. The player offers advanced functionality supporting Live text Updates, RSS news feeds, listener chat rooms, website links and more.

Ad Management Package is designed to maximize Internet advertising value. Stations can automate audio and video ad insertion pre, post and mid broadcast for maximum exposure. Broadcasts can be sponsored with one or more rotating text ads which can be linked to any advertiser web page. All ads and clicks-throughs are tracked so your sales staff can provide statistical analysis of ad effectiveness and value. Click Here for valuable resources on Radio and Internet advertising provided by RAB and the Radio Ad Lab.

Automation Scheduler enables stations to easily schedule single or recurring programs as Live Stream and/or On-Demand events; assign each program a title, description and category; manage the program retention period; configure sponsors and ad insertions, and more.

RadioP1 Portal has complete station setup and management functions along with sophisticated program scheduling and editing. Programs can be “tagged” with keywords to enable robust content search. Broadcasters can provide a network of value added services, connecting listeners with businesses via automated multimedia ad insertion and program sponsorships.

RadioP1 Studio (In Development) is a revolutionary broadcast control portal enabling operators to easily manage all aspects of the Internet broadcast. Operators can add or edit programs, manage upcomming broadcasts, delay and extend programs, pause and resume broadcasts triggering ad insertions, input program details and enter Live text Updates in the RadioP1 Media Center, and manage program keywords to enhance user search results.

Statistical Reporting is available for Ad play and usage reporting, so you can track listener volumes, retention, and quantify all of your Internet broadcasting statistics.

Royalties - RadioP1 stations can stream everything or avoid royalties by simply delivering their unique content over the Internet. Note: Each station is solely responsible for any royalty fees, documentation and/or payments associated with broadcasting copyrighted content over the Internet. For the latest information on Webcaster Royalties, see: Library of Congress Copyright Agreement and Summary of the Broadcaster SoundExchange Settlement on Web casting Royalties.

Monthly Subscription Rates start at $50 and include all streaming hardware and software, plus free phone and e-mail technical support. For only $149 per month, stations can stream live content, automate on-demand playback and podcast downloads, and monetize the stream utilizing the RadioP1 multimedia Ad Management Package.      See: Price Packages

For more information, download the RadioP1 brochure and contact us today.

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