Radio Websites
Traditional radio websites can be characterized as the online face of the radio station. They offer a rudimentary program schedule, information about featured “shows”, and a few handy calendars and widgets. However, they generally have poor organization and make it difficult for users to find any value among the banner and column ads splattered over each page.
In developing a website, stations should ask several questions, including:
Why do I want a website?
What do I want the site to communicate about my station?
If I was a visitor to the site, what functionality would I want to find?
If I was advertising on the site, what capabilities would I require?
How will I monetize the cost of development and maintenance?
Do I have the resource time and talent to manage the site?
While these questions may result in some similar responses among media stations, the details may differ radically - forcing stations into costly website customization services or having to settle for a “me-too” website.

RadioP1 Websites
We know your listeners want more from your website. They want to find content easily and experience it when and where it is most convenient for them. They expect more from their online experience than what you broadcast over the air. So, it is critical to have an environment that fosters unique multimedia content production and delivery. Users want to easily share their online experiences with others or even upload their own content for inclusion and sharing. As a result, radio websites must evolve from ?the face of the station? into platforms where users interact, participate and contribute.

Through building-block architectural principals and a centralized management portal, RadioP1 enables stations to easily configure and customize their websites. RadioP1 sites engage visitors through sophisticated website integration, automated content production and delivery, centralized content management and a user-friendly social networking environment. In short, RadioP1 delivers more of the functionality your users demand, in a package that is not demanding on your resources.
For more information on RadioP1 station websites, please contact us today.
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